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About AAI Motorsports
Buddyclub started around 18 years ago in Japan by a group of likeminded racers and engineers who couldn’t buy parts for their racing Hondas, so they decided to make their own, Their development skills went from strength to strength but was restricted to Japan only .In the late 90s Jun San Chen (a director and ATCC champion) opened Buddyclub USA, then Paul Joined the group and in 2005 and opened Buddyclub UK(now Europe) This was opened followed by Australia and New Zealand. The Buddyclub philosophy of selling the parts that you race with has always been important and the Group catch phrase “Race on Sunday-Sell on Monday” is still as true today as it has ever been. And by 2012 AAI Buddylcub join GT race with their brand new Mclaren Mp4-12C GT3 to compete with others. With 2013 AAI Buddyclub join Asian Lemans Series fighting for champion.
Opening hours
Monday-Friday 9:00-19:30 - Saturday 9:00-17:30

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